Compliance to Standards and Testing

PLAYGROUND Protective Surfacing must meet the performance Standards ASTM F1292 and as of 2020, the field testing requirements of ASTM F3313-18 and the CSA Z614-20 all surfacing must be tested to either the ASTM F1292-99 or En1177-97 to be compliant with Z614. Also manufacturers should be able to provide results for the 3 temperature testing. For 2020 EVERPLAY present three temperature Specified Height Testing with tests for drop heights of 4.25M (14’) and 4.9M (16’) indicating a g <100 and HIC <700 and for 2020 EVERPLAY has added a drop test at 5.5M (18’) which is just over 100g at 100.5g and an HIC of 703.5 and for comparison the 2014 results Critical Height Testing for 14’ and Critical Height Testing for 16’ and compliance in the field.

EVERPLAY has been actively involved in the development of the ASTM 2479, Standard Guide for Specification, Purchase, Installation and Maintenance of Poured-In-Place Playground Surfaces. This standard provides owners and specifiers with information when attempting to provide these types of surfaces for their projects. It also outlines potential problems that can occur with the technology, installation procedures and environmental conditions at the time of the installation. One of the breakthroughs of this document is the outlining of conditions that should be in any warranty documents to protect the owner and the children into the future.

In the coming few months a new performance Standard for the Poured-In-Place surfacing should achieve approval of the ASTM process. This Standard will require compliance with ASTM F1292 as a fundamental performance, but will also expand performance testing to consider durability, quality of raw materials, and compliance with the accessibility requirements where needed. There will be test methods and procedures with measurable performance criteria. This should provide exceptional assurance to owner/operators of surfaces that comply with this standard.

EVERPLAY as a participant in the drafting of the new Poured-In-Place performance standard is already complying with its requirements, however when it is published, EVERPLAY will make every effort to submit to the testing and become one the first surfaces to achieve the New Standard's compliance designation.

EVERPLAY is proud of its achievements and the test result from TUV Sud for compliance to ASTM F1292 or ASTM 3313 confirm the excellence of the system with regard to impact attenuation. EVERPLAY can provide test data from TUV Sud for drop heights of 14 feet, and 16 feet indicating that the performance of the EVERPLAY at those heights is significantly better than the Critical Height requirements of 200g and 1000 HIC and better than the automotive requirements of HIC <700.

Along with compliance to ASTM F1292 at --6C, 23C, and 49C (24F, 72F, 120F) EVERPLAY is providing the user of this website with field test result that demonstrate that EVERPLAY has the capability to carry the laboratory performance through to the field with ASTM F1292 or ASTM 3313 field testing.

On Line Courses

In these time when personal visits and training are no longer possible, new educational programs and training packages have become available on line. EVERPLAY recommends the following courses to expand knowledge and benefit the users of playground.

Playground Surfacing Technician
Protective Surfacing & Injury Prevention
LA/CES Ground Level Accessible Routes