Special Applications of Polyurethane

Special Applications of Polyurethane

EVERPLAY Special Applications

EVERPLAY International Inc. has been a source of special applications of polyurethane and rubber combinations to enhance the products of very special clients for more than 20 years.

In the 1980's Sportbau Canada Limited worked with specialty companies in the water park industry to develop systems that could be used to adhere floatation foam to the concrete structures under the rushing water of tube rides and provide the bonding interface between the polyethylene foam and urethane slide coating.

Also in the 1980's Sportbau Canada Limited developed poured, non-asphalt based, surfaces for the thoroughbred horse farms. This provided the sure footing required by elite horses along with excellent clean ability.

In the 1990's EVERPLAY developed and installed poured-in-place, liquid sealed surfaces for special indoor play areas.

In the 1990's EVERPLAY provided rubber padding to prevent ricochet of bullets in shooting ranges.

In the new millennium, EVERPLAY has developed durable polyurethane bound epdm rubber systems to coat the user interface of playground structures. This brings the look and feel of the poured in place surface of the playground up onto the structures.

There are new innovations to provide slip-resistant strips for walking, stair and deck surfaces. These will provide a functional, colourful and durable alternative to many of the current products on the market.

EVERPLAY welcomes the challenge of new ideas and should you have an idea that would have commercial application, please feel free to click on contact at the left and drop us and email.

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