Gamble Park Toronto

Gamble Park Toronto


Champ-Track is available in either the water permeable (WP) and water impermeable (FPU). Both types of Champ-Track are always installed on a hard base such as asphalt or concrete and under certain circumstance the Toro-Tan base. The minimum installed thickness for the Champ-Track WP is 10mm and to a maximum of 18mm. After 18mm, the EVERPLAY "in situ" would take over. The Champ-Track FPU is installed from a minimum depth of 6mm to 15mm.

The Champ-Track surfaces are to be installed on appropriate types of bases. Where a water permeable (WP) is installed, the base must be water permeable or the Champ-Track WP percentage binder must be significantly increased to accommodate the detrimental affect effects of standing water within the system. This is one circumstance where the water permeable Toro-tan would make an ideal base.

The Champ-Track FPU is always installed on a water impermeable base, and should the Toro-Tan base be used (SpringTurf), there must be a seal coat applied prior to the Champ-Track FPU.

  • Champ-Track is used for water-play surfacing
  • Champ-Track is used for elite athletic running track surfaces
  • Champ-Track is used for swimming pool decks
  • Champ-Track with Toro-tan is used to provide a permanent ice skate walking path
  • Champ-Track has been used to manufacture the surface for portable practice pitching mounds


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