Waterdown Skate Park Skate Walk Surface

Waterdown Skate Park


Toro-Tan is a unique system that provides a polyurethane bond, semi-rigid system that provides exceptional bio-mechanical properties. Although the Toro-Tan requires special techniques and skills, it is well worth the effort when compared with the exceptional results.

  • Toro-Tan is used for the base Champ-Track running tracks
  • Toro-Tan is used for the base for "glide" tennis court
  • Toro-Tan is used for the base for Champ-Track FPU golf walkways
  • Toro-Tan is used for the base to certain artificial turf systems
  • Toro-Tan can be used to create a stable natural turf surface
  • Ice skate changing surface

TORO-TAN Gallery

Resurrection HS, Kitchener Track Surface

Resurrection HS, Kitchener

Col. Sam Smith Toronto

Col. Sam Smith Toronto

Freelton Skate Park skate Walk Surface

Freelton Skate Park

Leo Baeck, Toronto, Toronto Court Surface

Leo Baeck, Toronto