Over the years of installation of the EVERPLAY surfaces a number of very well thought out questions are posed to our marketing and technical personnel. To assist you in your evaluation as to whether EVERPLAY or a synthetic surface would suit your needs, we have compiled a list of these questions with answers.

Can EVERPLAY be installed on either asphalt or concrete?
Can EVERPLAY be installed on sand, pea gravel or metering stone?
Can EVERPLAY be installed over grass?
Will EVERPLAY require special drainage to be placed underneath it?
Is the EVERPLAY surface very hot in the summer?
Will an EVERPLAY surface burn?
How slippery is the EVERPLAY when wet?
Can Children pull EVERPLAY apart?
Will an EVERPLAY freeze?
How will the product stand up over the winter?
Will frost heave affect the EVERPLAY?
What are the differences between the mats and the poured in place?
Can EVERPLAY abut sand or grass? Will it kill the grass adjacent to it?
What happens if there are repairs required to the base under the EVERPLAY?
What colours are available?
How am I able to determine that I will get the best best surface and value in my playground?